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Course Shekhita

One of the basic principles of Jewish people in their day-to-day life is based on Kashrut (the dietary laws), for Kashrut gives the Jewish people to ascend spiritually and physically and it also distinguishes them from the nations of the world. By observing Kashrut the Jewish people add holiness, as it is said: “Be holy for the L-rd your G-d is holy.”

In Sderot, the Shivtei Menashe community merit studying a crash course on Shekhita (slaughtering of certain permitted mammals and birds for food according to Jewish dietary laws), with the help of Agaf Haklita and Misrad Haklita. The credit goes to Enosh Lhouvum, Projector of Bnei Menashe from Agaf HaKlita, and Vaad Kehilat Bnei Menashe member in Sderot. Enosh's untiring help and determination to uplift the community brought the community to learn the course. Over the years there has been a demand for Shokhtim (Shokhtim is plural of Shokhet, which means a person who performs Shekhita, a ritual slaughterer) in the community, but the community lacks to meet such demand. We hope that with his determination we soon have a Shokhtim in the community.

For the first time, the Bnei Menashe in Israel will take this Kashrut course in Hebrew and Kuki language (their common mother tongue), and will undergo oral examinations for elders in the Kuki language. This course is offered with the help of Machon Keter Halakha under the supervision of the renowned Tzadik Harav Shelomo Makhfud, Shlita. The course will hold classes every Tuesday in the Bnei Menashe Community synagogue “Alfei Menashe” in Natan Elbaz 23.

The course does include a comprehensive section on Ofoth (birds), Behemoth (animal, such as sheep, goat, cow, etc.), and Nikkur, the process of removing khelev (forbidden fats) and the gid hanasheh (sciatic nerve). Until now, there are 14 Baalei Batim and Avrekhim who enrolled in the course. The Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption will grant a concession (a reduction of 70 %) of course fees.

Our kind appreciation to Agaf Ha Klita in Sderot, and we sincerely applaud the help of our Mayor Alon Davidi;  Deputy Mayor Khava Nakhshanov; Manager of Agaf Ha Klita Renata Shelomov, and Yiga Baniuk from Mishrad Ha Klita Sderot, and Polina Yoetzet Mishrad Ha Klita of Southern district in Israel.

The Shivtei Menashe Community in Sderot expresses our gratitude to the Ministry of Mishrad Ha Aliyah ve Klita (Ministry of Immigration and Absorption), for it is through their generous assistance that the community members have the opportunity to learn this course.

People who aided in the sechita course

Summer Activities - Bnei Menashe - Sderot

Art classes for Children

Painting teacher

The art teacher Khanokh Lhungdim gives painting lessons to children

Painting students
Painting class Bnei Menashe kids

Bnei Menashe children in Sderot enjoy their vocational art session

The world is full of amazing things, especially when one learns the arts of painting, one discovers the inner depth and mystery of the magical world.

In Sderot, we witness such events, in late November 2021.

With the help of the municipality of Sderot, Mayor of Sderot city Alon Davidi, Deputy Mayor of Sderot Khava Nakhshonov and Renata Shlomo, Manager of Agaf haKlita (department of Aliyah and absorption), the children of Bnei Menashe were able to learn the art of painting. One interesting fact was about their teacher, Khanokh Lhungdim, who himself is from the Bnei Menashe community. His talent gave many children the will to learn the art of painting, and of course were dreaming one day to draw portraits of their family pictures.

We hope we will again reorganize vocational painting class for the children of Bnei Menashe in Sderot.

The children after their day of school came to learn about the painting where the Bnei Menashe gallery museum was located in Brith Arim 16. They enjoyed their learning and also received refreshments from Agaf haKlita in Sderot. We very much appreciate our projector Sarah Lhungdim who took her extra time to take care of the children and buy them refreshments from the budget of Klita when they learned painting.

The art classes offer opportunities for art lovers who wish to explore their own creativity, acquire tools and express themselves in the language of art. The classes enable participants to realize their abilities to the fullest and the connection to their inner world.

Personal empowerment and career development for high school girls 


Pic: Deputy Mayor Khava Nakhshonov gave a motivational speech to the high school girls


The Shivtei MenasheOrganization with help from various departments of Municipality in Sderot, such as Agaf HaKlita (branch of Absorption Ministry), Merkaz Tzairim (Center for Youth), and Khinukh (Education) organized personal empowerment and development program for the future of youngster. The inspirational program is designed to broaden the horizons of the youth and give them access to opportunities to build a bright future.

The high school girls were taken to AMDOCS Company by Sarah Lhungdim, Projector of Bnei Menashe Sderot (Agaf HaKlita), Maayan bar Yokhai from the Educational Department, and Bithya from the Youth center department. The Honorable Chairman Mrs. Khofit speaks with the youth and encourages them to pursue higher education so that they can get the opportunity to enter AMDOCS Company. Her speech enlightens the spirit of the youth to pursue their dream, and the students departed captivated with a higher spirit.

Bnei Menashe high school students attending a lecture at AMDOCS Company in Sderot

The girls also went to meet the Deputy Mayor of Sderot Khava Nakhshonov at her office. They were escorted by Sarah Lhungdim and Renata Shlomov, Manager of the branch of the Absorption ministry in Sderot. There they heard how to have ambitions for the future by setting the right goals and steps to achieve the aspirations from the Deputy Mayor. She expresses her willingness to help them to achieve their ambition and shares her experiences of many difficulties and obstacles she encountered as a new immigrant. She also encourages them that the youth need to change history and that they should not work as their parents as mere laborers. She further said that they too were in the same boat as the Bnei Menashe community, but with higher education and higher ambitions today they change their history.

Indeed the Bnei Menashe community needs to change its history. They will achieve this through the youth of the generation. The career advice is typically aimed at getting students and youngsters equipped with the practical skills and knowledge for what happens next in their future. All of this can help individuals to become more confident as they seek to open more potential career paths.

High school girls at amdocs
deputy mayor meeting Bnei Menashe
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