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About Beith Knesset Alfei Menashe

Beith Knesset Alfei Menashe

It should be noted that one main factor that unites Clal Israel is the Torah, and only by virtue of its Torah, the Jewish people were integrated as a nation. It is for that reason a Torah-centric community required a Beith Knesset (Synagogue) as a center of the Jewish religious community where people can make use as a place of prayer, study and education, and social and charitable activities, as well as a social center.

In 2014, the Bnei Menashe community in Sderot set up a developmental project to address the long-term community needs and growth. The plan included the establishment of a Synagogue for the small yet fast-growing population.  Rabbi David Lhungdim approached his mentor rabbi, Rav Menachem Gamliel Shlita, for a place of learning and to give Shiurei Torah, especially on Shabbat to the community.


This project is possible due to the encouragement and support of Rabbi Menachem Gamliel and Rabbi Aryeh Gamliel. Rabbi Menachem has said to Rabbi David Lhungdim, “To protect the community from outside influences, the Bnei Menashe need to establish a center for the community.” Moreover, Rabbi Aryeh Gamliel (of blessed memory), a renowned Torah scholar of Israel and a former Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs (1996-1999) in the Israeli government willingly gave his permission to build a Synagogue, and on above this, he promptly and wholeheartedly donated a Sefer Torah for the community.

In due course of time, the community set up a center by establishing a synagogue in March 2015. The synagogue called “Alfei Menashe” becomes the first-ever synagogue established in Israel by the Bnei Menashe community.


The Synagogue is located on a site free lease by the benevolent rabbi, HaRav Aryeh Gamliel zl’t on his spacious land at Natan Elbaz 23, Sderot. It is an old big caravan to be used as a temporary prayer house by the congregants till they have their own new Beit Knesset.

As Sderot is the most heavily bombed city in the world by terrorists, it is always on alert condition experiencing constant rocket attacks from the Hamas militants in Gaza, the community is looking for a new and safer place for a prayer house.

With G-d’s blessing, the Mayor of Sderot, Mr. Alon Davidi promises to offer the community a safe place where the Bnei Menashe community could study and pray peacefully, and where they could safeguard the integrity of the community and remain viable spiritually and physically.

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