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Community Project

The community project of Shivtei Menashe organization is to strengthen the Bnei Menashe for their spiritual growth and to safeguard the customs and traditions of Bnei Menashe. Therefore, the organization has established Beit Knesset (Synagogue), Yeshiva ( a Jewish religious educational institute), Evening Kollel (advanced religious study of mostly married men), a Museum and Gallery where the youngsters and Ba’alei Batim (laymen) learn Jewish laws and tradition and also traditions and customs of the Bnei Menashe apart from the education they received in schools and colleges.
Moadon (Club): In order to safeguard the community, the organization also plans to establish Moadon (local club) for children and youth where the children will receive various types of help in the evening such as homework, recreation such as painting, music, and ulpan (Hebrew language study center for new immigrants) for adults and new olim (immigrants).
Since most of the community members are new immigrants, the elderly parents who lack Hebrew language skills could not effort to teach their children. And moreover, as most of the parents work late through the evening, the children need special treatment and protection till their parents return from their work. Thus, it is incumbent to establish Moadon for children and youth.  The activities of the Ulpans will be carried out with professional collaboration between the Municipality and local experts in the community

Kollel Erev Shivtei  Menashe

Torah Learning

Community project: About Us

Community Activities

Shivtei Menashe Organization with the help of Sderot Municipality, and to a great degree due to the support of the  Mayor of the city and Agaf HaKlita (branch of the Ministry of Absorption and Immigration) organizes various activities such as painting, homework for young girls, Ta’amei Mikra (Torah cantillation), Otzmat Nashim, Saadnat Bishul, Shiurei Torah for Ba’alei Batim and Shiurei Torah for women, etc. And apart from the activities mentioned above, the Bnei Menashe community and Agaf Haklita also organize Tiulim (a tour program for the community).

Benei Menashe kids

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