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Preparing Child for Grade 1

























As the children In Israel enter their first grade (kita aleph) for the new school year in the first week of September, we are thrilled to share incredible news about the Shivtei Menashe initiative program for the tiny tots and how to prepare best for their new environment.

The project Hakhana le Kita Alef (Preparatory for Grade One), is arranged under the supervision of Enosh Lhouvum, the community Projector of Bnei Menashe from Agaf Haklita (Branch of Ministry Absorption and Aliyah).

Since most of the parents were new immigrants, they lacked the ability to teach their children, so the organization came up with the idea to uplift the level of education and to ensure that we have not compromised on the quality of learning for the children, we sign up Bnei Menashe youngster highly skilled in the two languages Hebrew and Kuki, to engage the kids gradually in preparation for their first school year.


The Projector is assisted by the local community committee members (Vaad HaKehila) in the project. Besides learning alphabets, numbers, and shapes, the Agaf HaKlita (Department of Absorption and Aliyah) arranged an outdoor learning program like excursions (tiulim) to Kivrei Tzadikim, Luna Park, Gan Khayot (zoological garden) and others.

Shivtei Menashe, on behalf of the community of Bnei Menashe in Sderot, like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Mayor of Sderot Alon Davidi, Deputy Mayor Khava Nakhshonov and Manager of the branch of Absorption and Aliya Renata Shelomov, for their great efforts to uplift the community of Bnei Menashe in Sderot. 

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