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Shivtei Menashe

Shivtei Menashe Organization is a nonprofit organization established to strengthen the Bnei Menashe in Israel and all parts of the world physically and spiritually.

Shivtei Menashe aims to promote a strong relationship between the Bnei Menashe in Israel and all over the world. It aims to learn about and make connections with the dispersed Bnei Menashe and the land of Israel in historical, spiritual, cultural, and community spheres. As a Return lost tribe of Israel, it acknowledges the centrality of Israel in Judaism. It will provide resources, programs, and a forum for the respectful discussion of all aspects of our relationship with Torah, Avodah, and the Land, Israel.

The name Shivtei Menashe denotes the Bnei Menashe in Israel and Diaspora. The word Shivtei is the plural form of Shevet, which means Tribe in Hebrew. The organization is also for lost tribe research in Asia. It seeks to bring together a conclusion on the various theory and research activities in the context of a larger cultural and traditional sphere. Its concern is to explore the claims of some ethnolinguistic groups that claimed to have Israelite roots. Among them were the Karen and Kachin ethnic people in Myanmar and some dominant ethnic groups in Japan.

Generally, the Bnei Menashe were concentrated in India in the Northeastern states of Manipur and Mizoram, and Chin State and Sagaing State of Northwestern Myanmar. The goal of the organization is to enlarge the research program and to reconnect all Bnei Menashe to their ancestral roots.

Bnei Menashe former synagogue

Beith Knesset
Alfei Menashe

Contact Shivtei Menashe

Natan Elbaz 23, Sderot, Israel


Yom SheKulo Torah at Bnei Menashe former synagogue
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