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A Bitter-sweet Gift (1)

By Rav David Lhungdim

As the Bnei Menashe community relocates to various Hotels in Jerusalem leaving Sderot city because of the terror and heinous crimes committed by Hamas terrorists, the community reaps many advantages. As I said in my previous article, "Ein Od Milvado," we have witnessed many miracles, and God's providence led us to Jerusalem.

The Haokip family, Simon Haokip and Tikva Haokip were blessed with a beautiful girl while staying in the Grand Court Hotel. The child was born on the 5th of November at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospitals.

Simeon Haokip and Tikva Haokip with their baby Moria Haokip

The Grand Court Hotel hosted the wedding of Hadassah, one of the Bnei Menashe ladies who got married to Osher on the 21st of November. We are grateful to Ronith Khoter, the hotel manager, for providing the venue and food for the event at no cost to the community. 

the wedding ceremony of Osher and Hadasa Shukrun at the Grand Court Hotel, on the right is Ronith Khoter Manager of Grand Court Hotel who took an active role in organizing the wedding free of charge

The community was once again privileged to celebrate Brith Milah on the eve of Shabbath on November 24th, thanks to the child's parents, Tzion Singson and Odaliah.

The community was honored to receive Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Slita, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi and author of the well-known book Yalkut Yosef, as sandak, and the Rabbi named the child Yitzkhak. This was made possible by Rabbi Yosef ben Yishai, who met the child's father at Shaarei Tzedek Hospitals.

With the Sephardic chief Rabbi of Israel Harav Yitzkhak Yosef Shlita as Sandak at the Brith Milah ceremony of Tzion and Odaliah Singson's son Yitzkhak Singson.

Even in times of harsh conditions amid the war with terrorism during our stay in Jerusalem Hotels, we were able to establish a Yeshiva. We are indebted to Khagit and Eli Popper of Mekhoz HaKharedi Jerusalem for their assistance in supporting our community.

Khagit from Mekhoz Ha Kharedi Jerusalem helps Bnei Menashe youngsters in organizing various activities as well as Yeshiva in Leonardo Hotel Jerusalem.

It was with their support, that we were able to open the Yeshiva, a learning center for young boys, in the Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem. Rabbi Yossi Lhungdim, Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbi Simkha oversaw the young boys, and there were activities for the women in the evenings. We hope to keep working with them in the future.

above left to right: Rabbi Yossi Lhungdim, Rabbi Simkha and Rabbi Yehuda with the Bakhurim of Bnei Menashe.

Below left to right: Rabbi Eli Popper, Rabbi David Lhungdim, Rabbi Yakov Lior Shlita at the ceremony of the Khanuka Quiz at Leonardo Hotel Jerusalem.

On 11th December, we merit to organize a Chanukah quiz for the young boys and we are blessed with Rabbi Yakov Lior Slita one of the leading sages of our generation as our guest.

It should be noted that the community of Bnei Menashe in Sderot follows the halachic ruling of Maran Harav Yitzchak Yosef, who ruled according to Beith Yosef (Rabbi Yosef Caro), whether stringency or leniency.

Rabbi David Lhungdim told the Chief Rabbi that in 2014, there were young eligible lads who desired to study at Kharedim Yeshiva. Still, it was not an easy task because these children and their families had received many hardships from a certain organization. When Rabbi David asked his mentors, Rabbi Menachem Gamliel Shlita and Rabbi Aryeh Gamliel of blessed memory, they replied that every minute is Pikuakh Nefesh and the boys should be admitted to Yeshiva as soon as possible.

 Accompanied by his study companion Rabbi Tzuriel Baidani, rabbi David escorted the boys to different Yeshiva and enrolled them; now, some of those young lads are married and worthy to teach the Torah to the Bnei Menashe community.

Even for Baalei Batim, sending their kids to Talmud Torah was difficult because of the organization's strong opposition. Nevertheless, we battled for our education and way of life to ensure that no organization should have authority and control over our community as they wish.

 We succeeded in persuading some married, capable men to enroll in Kollel, and Makhir Touthang of Teberia City was one of them; he translated a portion of Yalkut Yosef into the Kuki dialect, which was then given to the Chief Rabbi on Brith Milah.

We genuinely want to translate the entire book of Yalkut Yosef into the Kuki dialect so that every Bnei Menashe in Israel and worldwide can access it.

Concerning the descendants of Yosef within the Bnei Menashe community, it should be noted that there is no one like Yosef from Yosef the righteous to Yosef (Rabbi Yosef Caro), from Yosef (Rabbi Yosef Caro) to Yosef (Ben Ish Khai), from Yosef (Ben Ish Khai) to Yosef (Rabbi Ovadia Yosef), and from Yosef (Rabbi Ovadia Yosef) to Yosef his son Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef.

 It is also important to note the verse "Go to Yosef and do whatever he instructs you" should be acknowledged among all the Bnei Menashe community.

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Dec 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The bnei menashe community are indeed fortunate to host the chief rabbi Harav Itzkhak Yosef and rabbi Yakov Lior


Dec 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

the whole community of Bnei Menashe should follow Shulkhan Arukh and in our generation Yalkut Yosef which is according to Shulkhan Arukh should be followed.

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